Pioneer Chicory

Machine Cut Chicory Cubes

The Machine Cut Chicory Cubes is manufactured in Pioneer Chicory from the fresh harvested roots that the farmer supplies. The roots are cleaned and washed on a washing machine, then fed into a dicing machine to prepare cubes of uniform size. In its final stage it is sun dried on food grade plastic sheets for about two to three days.

Applications :
  • Suitable for roasting
  • Extraction to prepare beverages.

Features :
  • Available in 15mm to 5mm sizes
  • Moisture : Less than 10 %
  • Dust : Less than 0.5 %
  • Affordable price
  • fine quality
  • High demand

Packaging : Is done in HDPE bags of 40 kgs. Net.
Size : 98 % between : 18 mm to 5 mm

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